Nobelhart & Schmutzig

Berlin, Germany

Hyper-local, producer-focused cuisine in a super-fun setting

Nobelhart & Schmutzig

On the Pass

Micha Schäfer

Pastry Chef

Florian Hartinger

In a nutshell: Describing itself as ‘vocally local’ and ‘Germany’s most political restaurant’, Nobelhart & Schmutzig has been committed to serving only ingredients from the greater Berlin region since it opened in 2015. Owner-sommelier Billy Wagner and chef Micha Schäfer serve up a 10-course dinner with exquisite wine pairing and a side order of fun.

On the menu: With a passion for championing the people behind their food, Nobelhart & Schmutzig lists the name of each producer against each menu item, turning the focus from chef to farmer. There’s no foie gras here – instead you’ll find local chicken with leek and verbena, kohlrabi with buttermilk or raspberry with sour cherry kernel oil.

What’s in the name: The restaurant’s title breaks down into three different words – Noble, reflecting its intentions and uncompromising quality; Hard, because it ‘turns hard in the middle’ and Filthy because of owner Billy Wagner’s naughty sense of fun – and, of course, the extraordinary wine he serves.

No cameras allowed: Wagner and team have a strict no-photos policy, encouraging all guests to disconnect from everyday life and immerse themselves in the dining experience, connecting with the flavours of the region.

50 Next: Nobelhart & Schmutzig also works with Friederike Gaedke, who was listed on the inaugural 50 Next list in 2021, to produce the Die Gemeinschaft food symposium, a culinary community aiming to promote craftspeople of all kinds.