Tokyo, Japan

50Best Accolades
  • Beronia Highest Climber Award 2021

Philosophical and sustainable cuisine with whimsical flair


On the Pass

Shinobu Namae

Pastry Chef

Nagisa Aoki

Fizzing with delight: This sparkling restaurant is all about harmonious flavours, plated with deep consideration. Off-the-plate offerings are equally exceptional, with stand-out service that amplifies the experience.

Award-winning factor: L’Effervescence won the inaugural Sustainable Restaurant Award in 2018, highlighting the chef’s unparalleled commitment to freshness, nature, the environment and natural resources, and rose 29 places in the list from 2020 to 2021, earning the Beronia Highest Climber Award.

Mentors of cuisine: After completing a law degree in 1996, Shinobu Namae turned his back on the bar and moved to the pass. His top-notch tutelage included five years at Michel Bras Toya Japon in Hokkaido and a year with Heston Blumenthal at The Fat Duck in England. Finally, he started out on his own in 2010, gaining his first Michelin star in 2011 and a second in 2015.

McLovin’: Namae’s chic take on a popular fast-food chain’s apple pie comes with a different filling depending on what’s in season and arrives in a red takeaway box. Other poetically named dishes include ‘Journey to the other side of the world’ – cuttlefish sashimi with ink crisp, cauliflower, narezushi rice and lime; and ‘Nightfall’ – sake lees, gingko nut and pear. The whole experience ends with mignardises, matcha and his signature ‘World Peace’.

Sharp extra: With the main course comes the opportunity to select a knife from an extensive selection with extravagant embossing and design.